Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Daily Photo and A Dance Concert

My first photo of the month is of Tess,Lucy, Maddy and Bryce.  This was just before we left to go to Caloundra for Tess’ Dance Concert.  Unfortunately it had just started to rain so I had to take it indoors.



The concert was fantastic.  Tess has only been at SCPAC for two terms and absolutely loves it.  I couldn't believe the difference in the standard of dancing between Scpac and our old school.  Tess’ dancing has improved heaps especially her jazz and hip hop. 

For Grandma: Tess wants to do tap again (can you believe that). 

She hated tap dancing with a passion and there was no way she wanted to do it.  After we watched the tap routine I said to Tess (friend not daughter lol) that after seeing that routine it wouldn't surprise me if Tess wanted to take up Tap again and after the concert Tess said mum did you see the tap routine, I might start tap again.. The concert was imaginative, costumes unique and the music was great.  I bet I have four tired cranky  children here today.  One was but she’s gone to school the other three are still asleep.  Lucky Tess she gets to do it all again tonight.  I'm really tempted to go again tonight.

Bye for now


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