Sunday, January 3, 2010

Out and About

I hope everyone had a good new years eve.   I decided to stay home , Tony and Lucy went to a function at Yandina and Tess braved the crowds at Mooloolaba.

On the 29th of December we went out to dinner with Tony’s sister Jenny , his niece Mel and her boyfriend Clint.  We went to Trader Dukes at Maroochydore also with Sonja and Mick and his family it’s always a good meal there and that night was no exception.


Tess, Jenny and Mel


Mel and Clint


Tony had the Barra and garlic prawns


Mine doesn't look as nearly as nice as Tony’s but my Seafood Risotto was delicious .

On the 1st of Jan we went camping at Borumba Deer Park at Imbil which is not far from Borumba Dam.  It was nice enough but I'm not much of a camper and found it so sticky and humid and the creek needed a good flush out so I didn't go swimming.  Yes I would go there again. Maybe not at this time of year.  We went with our good friends Laurie, Janelle , Tait, Helen and Kiwi.


Home for a few days our camper trailer is parked under the tarp on the right, it’s very comfortable.


Tony in relax mode.

We decided to go to Borumba Dam for a swim and a spot of fishing.  They have a really nice camping ground here so we may camp there next time.


Bryce and Lucy


DSCF3419 Tess is such a girl lol, she is reluctantly holding a dead crayfish.



DSCF3431  Helen and Kiwi





Off they go to see if they can catch some fish.  They didn't lol


Janelle, Tait, Laurie and Tony.



Dam Wall

It was back to the Deer Park for lunch and the kids found a kayak and an air bed and hit the water again.  These photo’s were taken late in the day so they aren't that good.



This is how not to get into a kayak.




We always eat well went we camp.  Friday night we had fish that Tony had wrapped up in foil with shallots and lemon.  Very yummy.  Tony loves cooking roasts in the camp oven and is very good at it (He cooks them in an oven bag).  It doesn't look the best but it was delicious.  Helen cooked all the veggies, roast pumpkin and potatoes etc.  We even had gravy.  One of our friends who unfortunately couldn't join us this time does a wicked cake in the camp oven.


Glad we came back early this morning as it has rained and stormed for most of the day. I think this will be our last camping trip for a while until Lucy and I drive to Alice Springs in June.  We are gathering more people to travel with so it might turn out a really fun trip.   Back to work tomorrow and it’s only 11 days until I have two weeks off.

Bye for now


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Caroline said...

Happy New Year Jackie to you and yours.
Sounds like you all had fun we love going there to, though haven't for a few years. We had the heaviest down pour this arvo it was really torrential. Did you get it up there??