Sunday, November 29, 2009

Im having trouble coming up with titles lol

I'm sitting here while another summer storm hits, I love storms.  What I don't like is when the power keeps going on and off which it is tonight  lol.  I'm hoping it rains enough so I can cancel our load of water that is coming tomorrow.

Had a really quiet weekend it was very relaxing.  I scrapped on Saturday and Saturday night I'm doing a daily album for December so I made a start on that ,  drove Tess around from one end of the coast to the other and did bookwork today .  Still have a lot to do and swam alot .  Tonight I should be ironing but I have to do some stuff to one of Tess’ costumes so I guess I will do that.  I have to make the skirt “wacky” as its the costume for the “Mad Hatters tea party”  I was going to put the large Bella flowers all over it but only had black and red.  I have to use purple, green or silver.  I delved into the old costume box and found a shiny green costume from last year so I'm going to cut that up.  I'm really not feeling that creative tonight lol

Tess had to work in Morayfield on Thursday  this time she was Santa’s helper she said it was very different a few bogans  were not the nicest to her and an older man tried to put his hand up her skirt.  The 20 year old elf she was working with was about to punch him but Tess said lets move on.  The security guard had been with them but had left to break up a fight.  Apart from that she loves the work and got paid extra because the costumes were late and that put them behind a couple of hours.  She certainly wasn't complaining.  I think next time I might go with her  or better still her father can go with her lol.


I think she makes a cute Santa’s helper.  The other girls were dancing at the shopping centre.

We have a busy week this week full dress rehearsal tomorrow.  Tuesday and Wednesday are concert nights.  Friday we have a function on in Brisbane.  Saturday morning is a car boot sale which I just have to go to then we have a Christmas Party Saturday afternoon.  Yep the festive season is in full swing.

Have a great week

Bye for now


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