Saturday, February 20, 2010

Australia Vs West Indies

I had a pretty ordinary week this week but the highlight was definitely going to the one day cricket match between Australia and the West Indies at the Gabba last Sunday.  A perfect way to spend St Valentines Day as you may have gathered I'm no romantic.  Tony and I celebrated our 20th anniversary a few years ago at the Gold Coast for the weekend but the reason we went was to watch my football team the Sydney City Roosters play.  The way to my heart isn't flowers, jewellery or chocolates just take me to watch a game of sport, I like almost anything.



Ricky Ponting scoring another century.  He is spectacular to watch him play.


Hauritz during warm ups

Chris Gayle Chris Gayle didn't stick around as long as everyone would have liked.


Forget this guys name but he played really well.


Lights on, The Gabba in all it’s glory.


This was Will’s second game of cricket live, he was so cute to watch and got right into it.

James and Will James and Will



Another wicket falls.  Then the West Indies seemed to implode.  What a shame.  We had a great time except for the heat, it was so hot.

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