Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Big Catch up

Things are slowly settling back into a routine.  Lucy’s back to school and I'm back to work, I didn't cope well waking up early last week.  I woke up at 4.50am and I leave for work at 5am, I still made it to work on time but it throws your morning out.  Tess still isn't back to school, hopefully tomorrow.  They moved to a new location and when they arrived last Monday there was still no furniture or internet connection so the students were sent home again.  We have taken her out of mainstream school and she will be going to a school called “flexi school” It’s still a part of the high school she was going to but it is in a separated location to the school and I think there are only 15 students.  The school caters for pupils that would otherwise leave school and only concentrate on maths and English.  The students can go back to the main  high school to do any other subject if they want to.  I'm not a hundred percent happy with this but if it means Tess stays at school then so be it.

I'm not often home on the first day of school but was this year which excited me as I have taken photo’s of the girls since they have started school.  Well this is what I got.

DSCF4113 First attempt


Second attempt


Third and final attempt.  After this I gave up or should I say she was having no more of it and walked off.

Last Thursday we met some friends of Tony’s who are holidaying on the Coast for dinner at the Alex surf club.  It was a good night, we didn't get home until 11 which might explain why I slept in on Friday morning.


Looking across to Mount Coolum






This was not mine although I wished it was.






Yesterday we went to Coolum to watch Mickey race, it was his first race back since he broke his wrist. I ended up taking 449 photos a bit excessive perhaps lol.


Love the first jump after the first corner, it’s chaos.


In the first heat Mick came second.  He was in 2nd position when he came off his bike and dropped down to fifth then managed to get back to second



heat 2

Mick is the closest bike M91. Unfortunately it was not to be Micks day just after this photo he came off and was run over by several bikes.  The good news is he was okay, nothing was broken and the bike which was brand new is not too badly damaged.   A very dejected Mick.


Anyway better get off here I have to go out to lunch at my favourite restaurant,  Penefathings, Montville.

Bye for now


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