Sunday, February 28, 2010

It’s Been a While

I haven't updated for a while, I live a pretty boring life lol.

We celebrated Jame’s 40th birthday at The Boat Shed, Cotton Tree and had a very nice meal.  I didn't take any photo’s as I only knew a few people there. It was a  gorgeous spot right on the Maroochy River.

I needed a photo of the girls together to complete a layout I was doing last weekend and  they reluctantly posed for me.  What an effort that was.


They always whinge that I take so many photo’s that’s because out of ten I might get two good ones because they stuff around that much lol

Tess started work at a coffee shop yesterday in Montville.  She spent the day learning to make coffees, she enjoyed that.  Her boss rang up this morning to see if she could go in today. She’s nervous about going in today and is hoping she’s  not on her own as Sunday is the busiest day. It looks like she will be working three days a week  and going to full time dance school for three days a week (that doesn't make sense does it lol)  She hates school and just doesn't want to be there.  I guess I have to accept that school isn't for everyone unfortunately.

Lucy is enjoying school especially agriculture studies.  She helps look after the miniature ponies three days a week.  She is hoping to get picked for the show team this year I don't know if they show the ponies but the school has a very successful cattle team.  Lucy has a friend who owns a dairy farm and Lucy has competed in a competition before where she got a second place or her calf got second place.  Our friend that owns a Kennel and Cattery business in Eumundi just happen to buy five miniature ponies for his property.  Lucy goes out there to stay some holidays to help with the dogs so she was over the moon when they told her about the ponies.  She just loves animals

I have been scrapping a little bit the last couple of weeks  I went to Tess’ last weekend and didn't get a lot of scrapping done but I had a good night.

I have been painting again.   Friday I really got the urge and manage to repaint my eight frames they were white and I decided to change them to black.  I painted a cane basket and a bookcase .  Unfortunately Tony kicked me out of the shed yesterday, he needs to work on his race car and as it was raining I had no where else to go.  I still have a bookcase to finish and another three tiered cane basket.  Hopefully I will get the shed back tomorrow.

Here’s a couple of layouts that I have done. All are from Pip Prossers kits at Cut and Paste

sistersSorry about the quality of the scans I have a new scan and stitching programme and am struggling a to bit with it it’s not as easy as my old one.


sweet 16



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