Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

I've always said that New Year Eve’s celebrations is the most over rated celebration, I've had very few “good” New Year's Eve nights and often end up bored and watching the clock so I can go home.  I'm up after midnight every night it’s no big deal.  This year we decided to go out and to make matters worse we were going to Mooloolaba Beach where 40 thousand people were expected.  The reason we were going was that Lucy who is 15 1/2 and asked us if she could go with Tess we said yes but Tess had to work and didn't finish until 9.30 so it was 10pm before we even got over to Mooloolaba.  We thought it silly to drop the girls off, go home then back again at 12.30- 1am.

Surprisingly  it was one of the best new year eve’s I've had.  We had dinner at the Nambour RSL which is always good and just waited around for Tess.  We thought parking might be an issue as a lot of the streets were blocked off and Mooloolaba was  a no go area for vehicles but thankfully we were able to park in the primary school and only had to walk a block and a half.  Also another good thing the shop, street and beach areas were a dry area so no alcohol, yes there were drunk people wandering around but everyone seemed fairly well behaved. They had two stages and heaps of bands one was the Whitlams which unfortunately we missed and the other two bands I had never heard of.  One was The Floating Bridges, they were really good




The next band was Amy Meredith




Please with my camera because I was a distance from the stage.  Unfortunately my fireworks photos are crap. There was a barge just off the beach and all the fireworks were lit on the barge.






This is a close up of the front of the barge, note how the fireworks are attached  to the front and all the orange tubes are fireworks also.

Anyway off to the beach to take the dogs for a walk.

Bye for now


Caroline said...

Happy New Year Jackie. Hope it is everything you wish for & more.

Marie L said...

Sounds like an amazing way to spend New Years. Love the photos you posted.

Chrissy said...

Looks and sounds like a great way to start the New Year Jackie love!! Hoping we all have a brilliant 2012 hey. :)