Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our Week

The summer holidays are flying by, love the holidays, sitting up late, sleeping in a bit, the girls friends staying over,  no lunches to make.  Bliss.  Poor Lucy is sick and has come down with a really bad cold .The weather has been good up until today it was stinking hot. 

Monday we took the dogs to Mudjimba Beach for a swim, Milly was a nightmare, that dog doesn't know the meaning of slow all she wants to do is run and swim.  Afterwards we grabbed Fish and Chips and went to Tony’s mums place for dinner, she lives nearby.




Lucy and her friend Maddy



my ute

My boy waiting in the back of the ute.

On the 19th of February I've been smoke free for 12 months so this year it’s deal with the weight, we eat right but I don't exercise so I needed some new shoes.  I suffer from really sore feet and was trying to get a pair that I could wear when I went out to shop etc but these ones which are so comfortable only came in one colour and it’s a bit bright.  I'm enjoying walking in these.


Tess and I do enjoy eating out and probably do it too much, Joey, Tess’ boyfriend had a day off so we went to the Hotel Maroochydore (formally Grinning Dog) the meals are always wonderful and the service fantastic.


Joey and Tess

Milly’s a garbage guts she will eat anything and eat it quickly I have discovered that she loves coffee.

She will hang around until I'm finished then she likes to lick out the cup.



Was going to our local shops on Sunday and came across these, I'm guessing that there were about 30 cars  I would really like one I think lol



I'm partial to the blue one.


Could hear these babies for hours on Sunday afternoon was wrapped to catch their parent feeding them.


A few more random photo’s from the week.

What I'm reading



Tess waiting to get her nails done.

Bye for now


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