Friday, January 13, 2012

How I'm Approaching Project Life

Amanda asked me how I was approaching Project Life (Amanda I tried to answer you but I couldn't so thought I would put it here)  At the moment I'm taking a photo a day, Only because we are busy and are doing a lot at the moment, in the quieter weeks I probably wont take a photo a day.   Some weeks it may be only one thing like a birthday or a trip away. I'm not scrapping much these days so I really want to finish this year. All the album has been put together using the core kit so all I have to do is add  photo’s and journaling I am looking at getting my photo’s developed on a Monday so I only have to put the photo’s into the page protectors . I'm trying to do the journaling each day but it doesn't matter if I leave it until I have the photo’s  printed because it doesn't have to take that long to do..  I'm thinking this can really be an easy project if we want it to be.  I don't intend to complicate this, I just want to document my year.  I've never been big into journaling I'm a more of a who, when where, what,why kind of girl rather than putting my inner most thoughts.  That’s it at this stage we will see how it goes.  Keep It Simple.

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Amanda said...

hi jackie thanks for answering! i am not blogging atm we are on hols but its something i will get back into later in january so will look at why comments not coming up. i sent an enquiry to how much a basic kit would cost but they may take a while to reply so can i ask you what you order and how much and how long to get it it? thanks. i look forwrd to reading your blogs and inspiring me to do PL (and libby!) i can get very slack taking pics as my kids hate posing and hubby just refuses! but life will pass me by without photos for memories so i am making the effort. keep posting your PL pages!
cheers, amanda

Jackie said...

This year I ordered the core kit, album and page page protectors which are design A. You could use your own patterned paper to make title squares etc and make your own journalling cards. I am being realistic and know I wont have time to do it or the inclination lol Im just keeping it really simple so I do it. Some days it's a struggle taking photo's my kids just roll their eyes at me now lol