Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Week Gone By

We had a pretty quiet week this week, not a lot happening here.

We said goodbye to Lucy who has gone on holidays to Wagga with grandma and grandpa for two weeks.  This was the first time I've not been able to go to the airport with them.

Today we filled a small skip bin full of stuff from the shed and under the house.  It’s funny we own the skip bin business but can never get a skip bin to the house as they are always out on jobs, which is a good thing although somewhat frustrating when you want to have a good clean up.  Maybe I should book one in for myself.  I'm starting on the house this week  lot’s of cupboards to cleanout.  I love decluttering sessions.

Yesterday we went to Kenilworth to watch Tony’s nephew Mickey ride in his new bike.  Mick’s just started riding again after breaking his wrist,  he had to take it easy as it was still sore.  He is one talented rider as all the boys in that family were.  Tony has held numerous state (NSW and QLD) titles in various forms of the sport and only gave up riding for good a few years ago.  Mickey is only 17 (just) and will certainly be one to watch in motocross.










DSCF3679 She doesn't really seem interested does she lol.  She was amazed that she could get reception out here.

Only three days to go and I'm on holidays.

Bye for now


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