Sunday, January 24, 2010

I would just like one full day at home

When I put in for my holidays I made the mistake of not checking when Tess was dancing over the holidays I have not had a day home since last Tuesday.  Nothings close on the coast everything is spread out.  A trip to drop Tess to dancing is an hour and a half then you have to go and pick her up after a few hours.  Then there’s dropping the girls at their friends places, they are scattered from one end of the coast to the other.

I'm not leaving the house tomorrow, well I have nothing planned lol.    So what have we been up to.  Lucy came home from Wagga on Tuesday so I had to drive to Brisbane airport to pick her up.  It would be great if she could fly to the Sunshine Coast but to do that they fly from Canberra to Melbourne then back up to Maroochy airport.  There are flights from Wagga to Sydney then to the coast but Lucy’s a bit young to be changing flights , god knows where she would end up lol.  She had a wonderful holiday but was glad to get home.

I did manage to get my pantry cleaned out it was driving me nuts.  I used to have  a huge pantry, we live in an old house and the pantry was where the old stove used to sit in the kitchen and it jutted out the side of the house.  When we renovated the kitchen they covered it up and cut if off the side of the house I wished we hadn't done that now but there is no going back lol.  So my pantry is squashed into four shelves and has had no door on it for years.  I should have sewn a curtain for it or something but it was one thing I just didn't  get around to.  When we got new bench tops done we asked the guy to make us a door but that never happened but the good news is we now have a door for it, the bad news is it’s still not on.  This may take years lol.






Tony turned 43 yesterday but as he left for Sydney at 2am yesterday morning we celebrated his birthday with his family on Friday night.  We decided to go to the Maroochy RSL it was quite nice .  The photo’s aren't the best but that’s life lol.


Tony and his brother Eric.


Tony’s brother Michael and his son Mickey.

Kym and Mick

Mickey and Kym.


Sonja and Linda


Norton and Simone

Norton and his girlfriend Simone.


This little cutie is Amylia (Amelia)  she is Jaylene’s daughter.  Amylia was spending some time with Linda,Eric and Uncle Norton.  We were sitting next to the stage and she was dancing all night it was so funny to watch.

After I picked Tess up from dancing on Saturday evening I just had to stop and take these photo’s


Looking out toward the Glasshouse Mountains.


Today the girls went ice skating at The Caloundra Roller dome usually it’s just for skating but they turned it into an ice skating rink for a month and a half.  My photo’s are terrible they never work out here lol.


Skating Lucy, Matt, Tess and Alishya


Yes she now has brown hair

skating 5

I did take a stack of photo’s but none of them worked .  After skating we went to Officeworks and did the school shopping I'm so glad we went as it would have meant another trip into town tomorrow.  I have five days left of my holidays so I really hope I get to stay at home a bit more, unlikely as Ballet starts tomorrow and Tess has a pretty full on timetable this year.  She has dancing every night except Friday and Sunday nights.  Roll on Easter lol.

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