Friday, January 15, 2010

Why do I listen to my Mother?


I do say this in the nicest possible way and I'm sure she wont be offended.  I was talking to her on the phone the other day and mentioned that I was going to the cemetery to take some photo’s.  As you can see our cemetery  is located on a really lonely dirt road surrounded by National Park and bush land.  It’s very isolated.




She is cautious by nature and said oh be careful you never know who is hanging around.  I said the obligatory yes of course , when in actual fact it went in one ear and straight out the other.

I had to drop Tess and her friend off at his house which is further down the road past the cemetery and I mentioned that when they drove back past if my car was there but they couldn't see me to stop (okay some of what she said must of sank in lol).  Anyway I was in the far corner of the cemetery and I turned around and saw a very sweaty man with only very tight bike pants on,   not a good look lol. Great I thought if he’s a perv I cant outrun him , he looked too  fit, he didn't stay long and went back to the national park.  Five – ten minutes I had finished when I noticed he was coming back, fortunately I was just getting in the car.  Poor bloke was probably only having a look around after his run through the forest.   My mother is making me paranoid.

I've lived in Mapleton for 14 years and that was my first visit to the cemetery  I was saddened and angry by what I saw.  It’s quite run down and not maintained very well at all.  I realise that the graves are the families responsibility there were so many dead flowers and such sitting on the graves , on the wall  there were so many dead flowers stuck in the plaques if it wasn't for the man in bike pants I probably would have taken some of them off.  It could be a lovely cemetery it’s in such a peaceful bush setting I think the people buried there deserve better than that.  Up until recently we were governed by the Maroochy Shire Council a lot of money got spent on the coastal towns and Montville.  Mapleton gets a few upgrades but it appears we are the neglected cousins.  We are now run by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council as all three councils were amalgamated. For years the hinterland  people have been trying to get their own council but since Peter Beatty decided to abolish a lot of local councils that seems an impossible dream.  We do have a great local councillor and I'm going to write him a letter. 


There were several gravesites like this, there is ferns everywhere then you would see a little cutting and there was a headstone, rather peaceful under a large tree.



I find cemetery’s fascinating the older the better you can learn so much and usually I can spend hours reading the headstones.





If you want to see my photo of the day you can go  HERE

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