Sunday, August 9, 2009


I didn't take any photo’s today, well I took one tonight of the chicken soup that I lovingly made and it didn't look very nice , actually it looked really gross lol.  Yeah I know I still should have used that photo.  Then in desperation I took a photo of the TV that showed the cricket and in the small square on the bottom the Rugby union the Wallabies playing the Spring box I was watching both while I did the ironing last night but that photo didn't really work either. 

Then when Tony came home from Toogoolawah this afternoon he gave me a disc of racing photo’s that a friend of ours Steve Hilton had taken.  Steve takes photo’s for the American Magazine Dusty Times.  I mentioned to him when we were in Alice Springs that in all the years I've known him I had never seen any of the photo’s he has taken.  So now I have lol. So my photo for today is actually Steve’s photo’s of Tony racing at Mildura a couple of weeks ago.  Tony came second in his class and ninth outright.





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