Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Photo a Day- August

Megan from The Byron Life has issued a challenge of taking a photo everyday for the month of August.  I had challenged myself at the beginning of the year to take a photo everyday this year, I did alright for the first few months but have failed dismally the last few months so I thought I would join in to get myself back on track.

I have missed the first few days so I started yesterday.


Pineapple Sage, I love this plant it has flowered a bit late this year and not well for some reason.

pineapple sage



One of my favourite plants, Jasmine.  The bush which is my neighbours which fortunately hangs more over my fence than hers ,has just started to flower I love when it’s in full flower.



b I'm sitting at my desk watching the whip birds foraging around in the garden I'm so glad they have returned I haven't seen them around for a few months.  I love hearing them call each other.  The weather is glorious at them moment I love winter, beautiful sunny days and crisp nights, not as cold as I would like but you cant have everything.  I've actually got just a Tshirt on today and 3/4 pants.   I guess it lulling us into a false sense of security and the cool days will hit  us again before spring finally gets here. 

I haven't blogged in ages it’s not that I haven't wanted to I just haven't done anything exciting lately lol  The girls and I have been fighting the flu so far Tony has managed to avoid it, lucky him.  I missed two days of work and went back on Tuesday I feel really tired today but thankfully I have tomorrow off and hopefully I will be right after that.

Finally enrolled in a beginners class for patchwork.  It was a three lesson class spread over six weeks.  I did it at the

Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen.  I really enjoyed it except I missed the middle lesson when I went to Alice Springs I was able to make up the lesson I still haven't finished the quilt cover but  hope to soon.  I noticed they were having a quilting class for beginners which I really want to do but I'm going to be away so it will have to wait.  I will do the rotary cutter lesson as I was a bit rough with my measuring lol and that just wont do lol.My new sewing machine got a workout and I am really enjoying learning a new skill.

I get really frustrated when I don't do anything crafty for a while and I haven't done anything since the middle of June.  I have so many stitcheries and patterns I just want to get started on something.

I turned 43 on the 22nd of June and had a lovely birthday.  We went to dinner at  The Pennyfarthings Inn at Montville I really enjoy eating there it’s like an English pub and it really cosy in winter.

My mum, dad and grandma sent me a gift voucher from House I have been after a really good stock pot for some time I have two one is too small and the other way too large and both aren't good quality.  I scored ,I got a fantastic Baccarat stock pot on sale it was $200 reduced to  $110 I'm so happy with it and have made heaps of soups this winter.

Tony asked me what I wanted, I really really  wanted a new oven I had a great stove and when we renovated our kitchen I was talked into getting rid of it, Tony went to a job where a builder was renovating his kitchen (which was only two years old) he told Tony if he wanted the kitchen it was his so we weren't about to knock back a free kitchen it came with a convection oven and to get some more cupboard space I stupidly let them remove my stove.  Needless to say I hate what I have now it burns everything and is really difficult to use.  I love cooking and haven't really done much since then which I'm thinking is probably about 2 years  I've only made one batch of biscuits and Tess has cooked two cakes. I miss not baking so I thought it was time we replaced the old one.  I would like this one.

Rofl I was going to put a picture of the Smeg oven I wanted but when I googled it I found the choice report so I went and read that and the Smeg didn't fair as well as some of the other brands I looked at so back to the drawing board.   One brand I dismissed because I haven't heard of it did really well so it looks like I'm going to have to have a rethink and one good thing it’s cheaper.

Tess had her athletics carnival recently and did really well.  When she was in primary school she could sprint and throw.  In grade seven she won the age championship and broke the record for the shotput (or it may have been the javelin)when she got to high school it all stopped.  She didn't want to compete just in case she came last.

So this year I did something terrible I bribed her to compete lol and I'm glad I did I didn't care where she came as long as she had a go.  The poor thing she had the flu and really struggled to run but she did.  She hasn't run or thrown anything for three years, she came fourth in the discus and shotput.  First in the 100 metres, third in the 400 metres, this race she just jogged around the oval and really didn't stretch herself and still managed 3rd.  She was leading in the relay but slipped over (she was running in stockings, Why? I have no idea lol)and managed third place. 

Her reaction was Gee that was fun I might do some training for next year,  I bet she doesn't I hope she proves me wrong.


This is what she ran in, she’s always ran bare footed and realised stockings weren't the best.





I haven't taken any photo’s of Lucy lately as she is so uncooperative   she stuffs around, wont smile and whinges.  This is the best I could come up with and I took well over 50 photos lol she used to love the camera but no more.



She hates her “puffy” hair lol.



yes I did ask her to smile.


and this was the closest I got.

I had better finish up I've got to be out the door in half an hour and I haven't had lunch yet.

Bye for now

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