Friday, August 7, 2009

Day Four

I live at one end of the Blackall Range in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.  My eldest goes to school about 30kms away at the southern point of the range.  You can see the majority of the Sunshine coast from here and on a fine day all the way to Brisbane.  I'm finding myself driving there several times a week and  I never tire of the view.  These photo’s aren't the best as it was 12pm and it was a bit hazy.


 That’s Mooloolaba you can see in the distance.


The view toward Caloundra.

On the other side of the range you can see farms and Baroon Pocket Dam.


Of a morning and night this bit of road and over the dam are often covered in fog.

I didn't have a very productive day today.  Went to work and when I finished at 9.30 Tony picked me up, we popped home so he could do something mechanical and have a cuppa.  We then drove to Maleny as Tony’s truck had broken down there the night before and he had driven to Brisbane to pick up a compressor so needed me to stay there with him until it was fixed just in case he couldn't fix it.  So I spent an hour and a half here.


I guess there are worse places you could be stuck at lol.

purple daisy

white daisy

Thought this looked funny it’s petals weren't quite open yet.

white daisy a

Until tomorrow

Bye for now

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