Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our Holiday part two

My whole family moved to Alstonville from Armidale years ago, then circumstances changed and they all moved down to Wagga for seven years.  A few months ago my sister and her family decided to move back and this was the first time we visited, my mother and grandma flew up and as Nanny is 97 this year we take any opportunity we can to see her, sad that my dad couldn't make it but he had to work and stay in Wagga to look after the dog lol. It is so nice to have some family living only four hours away.

The girls were hanging out for the weekend so they could spend some time with their cousins as they were at school.   We had been so lazy sleeping in everyday, well the girls did I still woke up at 4.30am, it drives me insane but I would get up and sit outside,read and enjoy the quiet.  We must have needed the rest.

We went to a large garage sale that the Baptist Day care centre in Alstonville was holding and again I got some good bargains and I think I spent a total of $5.50.

We just hung around home  Dell and Andrew drove over from Casino to visit for the afternoon.



Lucy and Livvy (Olivia)









Under construction, did I say this boy is train mad





Spotted this bird I had never seen it before.  Must find my bird book and look up what type he is.

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Tess said...

hasn't he grown..
the bird is a finch of somesort, we used to breed finches in our other life in tassie lol