Monday, August 10, 2009

Dance Eisteddfod Photo’s

Although the eisteddfod was way back in May I finally got some photo’s of Tess performing her solo.  I got some ones that shows her costume as the lady who made it is putting a book together with all her designs.  Tess danced beautifully she received the same score as the girl who got a highly commended but she didn't get one , so go figure out that one lol .

A11M01 008 6x9 x 300dpi


A11M01 023 6x9 x 300dpi



A11M01 001 6x9 x 300dpi


A11M01 012 6x9 x 300dpi


A11M01 014 6x9 x 300dpi


A11M01 016 6x9 x 300dpi


A11M01 017 6x9 x 300dpi


These photo’s were taken by  Greg Miller from Greg Miller Photography in Buderim, he always takes the Sunshine Coast eisteddfod photo’s. 

Up until last week Tess hadn't danced since the day she did her solo.  She started at a new school last week and absolutely loves it.  It’s fantastic to see her so enthusiastic to dance again.  The new school is Sunshine Coast Performing Arts Centre or known as SCPAC in Caloundra it’s amazing, the studio’s are state of the art (and air conditioned lol her old school was in an industrial shed with no air conditioning)  .  The downside is it’s a 40 minute drive there and we have to do it four times a week.  I guess it wont be long and she can drive herself.  I'm so looking forward to the next few months to see how see goes.

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