Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 10- Saturday

These holiday posts are really dragging on aren't they, I had better hurry up and finish them or we will be ready to set off again and I still wont have finished blogging about this holiday.

Saturday is prologue day and a really early start, we were out at the track by 5.30, the drivers had to be out there for the early drivers briefing and the first car goes out at 7.30am.  I wasn't happy with the spot Lucy and I picked for photo’s but we were on foot and it was difficult to find a good spot.  I had also been fiddling around with the camera and when I took the camera out of auto into the shutter  setting it was in black and white.  Do you think I could remember where to find the setting, no and the instruction book was back in the pits.  Don't think I will forget that again.







Hope he’s strapped in.

Camera out of auto, playing with different shutter speeds, without success  but it’s the only way I'm going to learn.




The rest of Saturday Tony made final adjustments to the buggy and make sure everything was ready to go for Sunday

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