Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July, My Favourite Month

I love July, I truly do.   It’s the middle of winter and although Queensland winters are no where near cold enough for me you have to appreciate the cold crisp mornings and the superb mild sunny days.   It is glorious.  I tend to hibernate in July, I don't stay indoors all the time but for three weeks I'm not getting to bed until 2am.  Why???? One of my favourite sporting events is on,  The Tour de France.

I always knew about the event but never actually watched it until I came across the highlights package at 5.30pm on SBS about eight years ago.  I remember it was raining and I was watching them racing down a mountain at terrifyingly fast speeds.  I was hooked how on earth did they stay upright how could one ride so fast, I then discovered that it was on live every night at 10pm.  I quickly became mesmerised by the French countryside and the quaint little villages that dotted the route.

For four years I worked in a bakery and had to start work at 5.30 which meant getting up at 4am, this really interfered with the Tour.  I actually took time off especially when the mountain climbs were on.  I was lucky I had Thursdays off and didn't work weekends so it was okay but I could only watch it until 12.  It was really difficult to do.

People have said to me oh how boring, no way, it’s a real team sport an entire team racing for one rider it’s so interesting to watch the tactics of the various teams unfold during a race.  It certainly took me a few years to “get it”.  So during July I'm not online much especially at night, also its the coldest room in the house where my computer is, it’s the only room not heated so I don't spend a lot of time out here. I'm actually starting to think that in a few years,  once the girls have left home I would like to go to France and follow the tour around.  Maybe I should start to learn French .  To me these guys are the most amazing  athletes in the world to push your body like that for three weeks with only two rest days is truly incredible .

I’m trying to talk Tony into taking two weeks off in late January to go to the Tour down Under in SA, seems we have been spending a lot of time in that state this year.  Tony is off to SA to race again this weekend, apparently they have more drivers from Qld than they do from SA.  I tell you the travelling starting to wear us down.  the first race of the year was in WA, then NT now SA, Tony is certainly looking forward to the race in QLD which is the last race of the season in October, only a three or four hour drive.

These images were borrowed from SBS Cycling Central site, a wonderful site.   Go Cadel, will it be his year this year,  I hope so.




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Libby said...

I love watching the Tour as well. I've been tempted to record it and watch later but considering i'm already out of action for nearly 2 weeks in March when the Itidarod is one (and the entire time of the Winter Olympics) I didn't think it wise :-). So I've just been watching the highlights on youtube. Not as good but okay .... for now....