Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 12- Monday- On the Road Again

We thought we should stay and watch the cars come back over the finishing line as our good friends Les and Glenys were still running.  Les has an amazing record he has ALWAYS finish the race.  They finished 5th in class and I think in the top 20 (give or take a few) so at least it was a successful weekend for one of us.





Congratulations guys.

We were anxious to leave and head to Uluru  which would be about 450 kms however due to the volcano eruption in Chile all flights from Alice Springs to Melbourne were cancelled, we had to give some guys a lift to Uluru so they could get flights from there.  Our friend Stitchy and a  friend of his  were travelling with us also.

I would love to visit this rock  it’s wonderful but for now will have to be content to viewing it from the lookout on the highway. Mt Connor is situated on a vast, fully operational, privately owned cattle station, called Curtin Springs Station.





Our mate Stitch

At the resort there are a few choices in accommodation the resort, bunk style or camping.  The guys we gave a lift  to went into the resort to get a price for a room for the night $380 was the ridiculous price they were given, they ended up staying in the bunk style accommodation for $30.  We couldn't quite fit our fifth wheel into the camping ground so we drove back out a bit and pulled up at a rest stop and camped there the night.


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