Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 11- Sunday

Forgot to mention in the last post that Tony prologued 25 out of 98 buggies.  To say he was happy is an understatement.  Our car is an older car and some of the top buggies are worth over two hundred thousand dollars, our is definitely not but it goes well for what it is.

Another early start Lucy and I took Stitchies  car and drove about 25kms down the track until we found a good spot that wasn't  too far away as we were recovery for our team.  The other pit crew had left for Finke which takes hours to get there.   The drivers leave first, race to Finke which is  about 223kms one way,   then the bikes leave and they stay the night at Finke and race back on the Monday. If you want to read more about it go here.


Another glorious sunrise as Lucy and I head out to find a good spot.


Our car 138



aaryn james








Our car 138






I was absolutely showered with dirt, it felt like hail but I stayed there and kept clicking.



I am so happy with my camera, this was the first time I photographed race cars with it.  I was hoping to get a practice run a few months prior but it didn't happen cant wait until I know how to use it properly.  After all the buggies and cars went through we were sitting in the car waiting for the bikes and we heard over the two way radio that car 138 had broken down near the 35km mark.  Not good.  I dropped Lucy back off at the pits, ran up to headquarters to find out exactly where they were, hooked Les’ dodgy trailer up and off I went.  It was so embarrassing,  after about 30kms I was pulled over and breathalysed  I'm so used to driving an automatic car as I pulled over I forgot to put my foot on the clutch and stalled in front of the police, I was more worried about the trailer I was towing.


A really sad sight, it was a long way to go to only race 35kms but there is always next year and as they say that’s racing.


Fortunately there is always spectators on the side of the track that are willing to give you a hand.


Lucky we didn't see any police on the way back as Tony had to sit in the buggy  as Stitchie’s car only seats two.  Now we were free on Sunday and Monday morning so we decided to wait until our friends Les and Glenyis finished the race on Monday and head out to Uluru a day earlier than planned. So the remainder of Sunday was spent packing up and back to the park we were staying at.  I was relieved in a way that Tony had broken down as Lucy and I would have had to spend the night in the fifth wheel out at the track as I don't have a licence to drive it and I wasn't looking forward to that.  Spent the rest of the day washing as that was going to be the last chance to wash clothes, towels and sheets  until we got home.


Chris Millar said...

Oh my gosh! Hi Jackie! I got such a surprise and delight to see your post on my blog! So lovely to hear from you and I've just been catching up on all your happenings on your blog! Looks like you're having an amazing trip in the middle of Australia right now! Wow, what an experience! And your girls have grown so much and still such gorgeous girls! I've recently had a big break from crafting and have only just started back up again. I'm mainly making cards now. I tend to make photo books from my photos instead now. Can I ask what kind of camera and lens you've got? Amazing photos, so crisp and clear! So nice to be in contact. Take care,
Chris xo

Caroline said...

Have loved hearing about your trip. Are you safely home yet?