Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 9 Friday

Not much happening today, time to catch up on some washing and the van needed some cleaning so Lucy and I got stuck into that while Tony went out to the track to have a look at the prologue course.  After he came back we went into town to do some things then went straight out to the Alice Springs show ground where scruitineering  occurs. 

This is a really long night but important as the locals get a chance to come to the show ground and have a look at the buggies and the hundreds of motorbikes.  Fortunately for us this year we had to take the fifth wheel out there as that is the only way we have of transporting the buggy so we were able to hang out there in comfort.  So different from other years, the cars and bikes are put into the pavilions , we usually get to the grounds about 4.00pm and the cars have to stay there until 9pm.  It is usually bitterly cold and by the end of the night the feet are killing you as is the back and you are well and truly over it. It was really like my army days, Hurry up and wait.



A budding photographer maybe?


Has he got his race face on yet?  Almost


Tony and Les, they are like an old married couple.



Another sunset and at this stage I retreated back to the van and put the heater on.  I only ventured out once and that was to go and find a coffee, which I did.  It was really remiss of me but I didn't go over to the bikes at all.

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