Sunday, October 4, 2009


I grab our local paper Thursday afternoons to find out info for the garage sales on the weekend then Friday night make a plan.  This weekend saw a very early start with the first garage sale starting at 6am now this sale sounded promising as it was a combination of three families .  We arrived at 6am and I spotted a wicker chair which is something I've been looking for  but it wasn't to be as it had a sold sticker on it. There was nothing else that interested me so we moved onto the next one.  I spent a fortune at this one, wait for it $1.50 on some old bottles.  One to the third she had some nice furniture but it was way too expensive for what it was.  So that was it we were finished by 7am so we went to our local coffee shop and had breakfast lol.  It was such a  disappointing morning, oh well there is always next weekend lol.

So this weekend I've been finishing up painting some of the other things that I have accumulated over the last couple of weeks.  My little table just needs a coat of varnish, I have painted a lamp base I'm not sure what to do with the shade, attempt to recover it (I've never done this before) or go out and buy a new one.  I really want to try  and recover it.  I painted a old wooden box I'm going to put magazines in it.    I'm driving Tony nuts as I'm using half his shed and I have stuff everywhere lol.

Last night we were invited to go to the Monsters of Destructions Show (Monster trucks lol) It’s not really my thing but it was a fun night Tony and Lucy really enjoyed it.  Tony took the buggy in the grand parade.











Makes ours look really insignificant lol.














DSCF2660 DSCF2646

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Tess said...

the boys will be spewing i wouldn't take them to see the trucks!
I have some cute little bottles here you can have there's 6 of them, they are from ikea. :)
wish i'd known before that you were after wicker furniture, my SIL had just what you were looking for and I gave it away to hayley's inlaws...blah!

Jackie said...

Oh bugger about the chair and yes I would love the bottles. Thanks