Sunday, October 18, 2009


It doesn't sound as good as Friday’s finds does it? Had some good finds on Friday as well, lol.  I think I've started something with Lucy as she wont be left at home on a Saturday morning and gets up at  5.30 to come to the garage sales lol.  I actually think the only reason she comes with me is for the coffee and toasted sandwich afterwards lol.

Yesterday we visited four garage sales and had a fairly successful morning.  I still haven't found my wicker chairs or my rectangular coffee table but I will .

This is what I scored


The little table I found at the Salvos for $5 I had been looking for a small table to go next to my lounge.  One leg is a bit wobbly but I'm sure I can fix it.  The larger dressing table or desk I paid $10 for again it has one wobbly leg.  The drawers don't even stick lol as I have found is the case with a lot of the older ones.


Yes I know the long box thing isn't the best looking  but I have hopes for it.  The other side is actually nicer it has a different pattern but I think with a coat of something it will be fine I'm going to use it as a planter box which I think is what it is lol.


Spend a grand total of $25 this weekend lol.

Bye for now

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