Monday, October 5, 2009


Well I nearly blew it on day two I sitting here playing a stupid mindless game on the computer thinking I might go to bed when  I remembered that I hadn't blogged today (that sounds terrible doesn't it lol). 

I'm truly grateful that I have a job, I really am but I'm over it at the moment and am really struggling to get myself out of bed and get going of a morning.  Its a really easy job, everyone that works there is lovely and I'm home by 9.30am so still have the rest of the day to enjoy.

Why am I struggling at the moment?  I really think I need a holiday.   I get time off when I  need it but the last year and a half it’s always to go away never a week or two at home.

I've worked there for over four years I'm only casual so no fixed holidays for me. I start work at 5.30 so I have to be up by 4.15am.   which is not my normal body clock (I don't think it’s anyone's normal time lol) no what I meant is that I'm a night person.  So going to bed at a decent enough hour is a real struggle for me. 

I used to get a week (or two if I wanted) every school holidays which was great but with the new owners they don't operate that way.  So today I worked out what time I want off over Christmas.  Last year I found that by the time Christmas and New Year celebrations were over my holidays were over and I didn't feel rested so this year I am lucky enough that my normal days off fall the day before Christmas and New Year so I will be able to take four days off for Christmas and four days off for New Year. 

I'm going to put in for two weeks holidays at the end of January.  I think that might work.  My goodness this would have to be the most  boring post I will have to lift my game lol.  Anyway I'm really tired and it’s time to go to bed.

Bye for now

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