Sunday, October 25, 2009


I had a fun weekend , it never lasts long enough.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped but there is always tomorrow.

Friday night I ended up at Tess’ as our good friend Chris had come to visit for the weekend.  I was intending to scrap Friday and Saturday nights as I haven't scrapped in ages .  We went to our local scrapping shop  and stayed a couple of hours then decided to go and get some take away for dinner.  Mind you it was only 9pm and all the take away shops in Nambour were shut.  What to do we were all starving lol.  The only place that was open apart from Maccas and KFC was the RSL’s cafe it was either that or a drive to the coast which we really didn't want to do .  We did end up having a lovely dinner and got back to Tess’ quite late.  I didn't end up scrapping as I was pretty tired and was home by 11.30, although I didn't get to bed until much later lol. 

Up at 5 and had a big list of garage sales that I wanted to go to.  Lucky Tony, as the girls had slept over at friends places I insisted he come with me, only to grab stuff that I want to look at and don't want other people snatching it out from under me and to help me carry goodies.  He’s not good at the helping  me carry goodies bit once he realises that there is nothing he must stand guard over he tends to wander off lol.  Anyway as I tell him we are getting to spend quality time together .  I know he would rather be anywhere else than going to garage sales lol but bless his heart he does it to  please me.  I really hate it when he asks me “ and where are you going to put that” I now ignore him.  Lucy’s a real enabler she says “buy it mum”

The first two we went to were great they had some fantastic stuff but the furniture was so expensive.  The second house we went to I sort of knew what to expect as it had been up for sale and I saw it on a real estate agents site. So if you have over one million dollars to spend I know of a gorgeous house for sale lol.

I live on the Blackall range  which runs from Mapleton to Maleny, we have a local paper that comes out on Thursdays that lists all the garage sales for the weekend in our area which is great because we can plan our attack.  Do I dare admit that Friday nights after I've looked up Google maps for directions I street view the houses if I can so I know what I'm looking for.  That sounds awful doesn't it lol.   Anyway heres what I got this weekend.


My favourite buy was the cake, biscuit and pastry tins at the back.  My back door steps look awful but they are only temporary we are building a deck here soon.



I scored this pile of music sheets I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them but I thought they cool.'



I ended up back at Tess’ Saturday night and actually got three layouts done haven't quite finished them yet but they are almost done.

We always have a really great time and they make me laugh so much.  I forgot to get my camera out until midnight.  Poor Tess was trying to teach Chris how to make a card but Chris just couldn't get it and kept cutting things wrong it was so funny.



One word, Frustration rofl.  I left at about this stage I hope she got it finished.  We are having morning tea at Tess’ in the morning to say goodbye to Chris. 

Today I had planned to paint some of my things and get them out of the shed I managed to paint until lunchtime and that was it, drove to Nambour several times this afternoon to pick the girls up.  I'm not sure what to do tonight, have an early night or do the huge pile of ironing.  I think bed is looking pretty good. 

Bye for now


Tess said...

BY JOVES SHE GOT IT!! finally! it's 11.31 exactly 24hours to the minute that i tried to show her!! a record!!!!
all i can hear is..1 inch, no 2 inch..ooohhh left left's hilarious! my ribs hurt!!
she has managed to score, the paper the CORRECT way..and has finished one on her 2nd, which pretty good LOL
oh god that photo certainly captured the moment hey lol

sarah { abeachcottage } said...

oooh!!! you scored so well! I love that tin and that vintage music...I'd love to come thrifting with you up there...oh and if I could google map my route Friday night I sure would be lol