Tuesday, October 6, 2009



I'm really sorry if anyone reading this does this but this really annoys me.  I work in a bakery and it opens at 5.30 I can really appreciate that people may be running late for work and need their cuppa and toast but please before you come into the shop PUT SOME CLOTHES ON. 

I  cant believe how many people actually go out in their PJ’s.  If you are not going to bother then please brush your hair, wash your face and clean your teeth.

Believe me I would like nothing more than to slop around in my track pants all day but if I've got get up and get dressed, which I do in the dark and have only put my shirt on inside out twice then is it too much to ask for you to do the same.

To the lovely lady that wears the beautiful fluffy dressing gown if you have time to throw that on then you have time to throw some proper clothes on.

To the nice guy that comes into work wearing nothing but his boxers I'm sorry I took a while to realise who you were when we met at a function but  I just didn't recognise you with your clothes on .

Finally to the girl  who comes in at 9am still wearing her PJ’s I know you really stay in them all day.  I don't think in four years I've ever seen you in anything else.

Bye for now

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