Sunday, October 18, 2009



Blogging everyday that is.  I've had a really busy week and haven't been feeling a hundred percent I feel so tired and don't  know why.  I've even been going to bed at a decent hour.  Last weekend Tony and I went to our friends son and daughter in law’s 30th birthday at Redcliffe .  It was fancy dress and the theme was Gangsters and Glamour. We had a fun night but we are definitely getting older as we were home by 11.30 and that included the hour drive home lol.    I remember the days Tony and I would go out all night ,  go home have a shower and go straight to work lol.


We decided to leave the gun at  home we didn't want to create havoc as we arrived at the RSL  lol


Triple Trouble Les, Tony and Steve



Glynis and Les


Glynis and Jude


Jude and Steve


DSCF2684  We played a lot of pool I still stink at it but can I do some shots lol . The Redcliffe RSL has a great function room.  It’s two large rooms one side is the dance floor and the other is the bar and the pool table area and they provide security to stop gate crashers.  Great Venue.

We have been really busy at work which is great, makes the mornings fly.  Tess and I tried a new chiropractor on Friday.  Tony swears by him.  He’s not gentle lol.  Saturday morning I woke up pain free I thought this is great after I went back to bed for a while when I woke up I had pain in places I didn't know existed .  After I got up and got moving I felt okay but today Sunday I'm really really sore  I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  I'm hoping tomorrow I will feel fantastic.  Tony said it took him a couple of days and definitely felt worse before he felt better.  Fingers crossed

Tony is racing in Goondiwindi this weekend.  He only has to finish and I think that he has won the Australian tri series in the Prolite class.  I have been watching the live updates for the race.  Didn't want to listen to the live commentary the announcer drives me nuts.  I might listen to them leaving the starting line.  Tony is currently in 9th place overall and first in his class.  He amazes me, his car is of the older variety and has a lot less horse power than some of the other cars yet he still manages to consistently finish in the top 15 and within the top three in his class.  He can drive so well I would love to see him in one of the top cars.  I'm feeling a tad nervous as I write this. lol.

On Friday night Maleny High School held Springfest.  It was a concert and art exhibition put on by the Arts Department at the school.   It was a night of dance, music and singing.  My goodness some of the students have the most amazing voices.  Three really stood out  when those girls started to sing it gave me goosebumps  Their voices were so mature and powerful you would have thought older people were singing.  It was incredible .  The artist talent at that school is quite amazing.  It was a great night  Unfortunately I forgot my camera so obviously no photos

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