Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I swear Tony is going through one he’s almost at that age.  Firstly I go away and when I come home I find that he has bought a new ute.  Now he and his navigator have decided they would like a new race car.  One of these.

clown1 copy


They feel they cant go much faster in the old one, mind you every event this year they haven't finished any lower than third in their class and  have been in the top 15 outright.  Only problem is this little baby is built in South Africa, Gary’s all ready to go Tony is deciding if he will go with him.  I tell you if he thinks he’s getting something for Christmas he will be very disappointed lol.  I told him next he will be trading me in for a young skinny blonde,  He said no a young skinny blonde wouldn't want to go racing lol.  Well I used to go racing when I was a young skinny brunette.

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Caroline said...

Catching up on your blog I found a photo of Julie H****** Wow what a small world. Before my Eldest went to the Army I use to have her boys at my place regularly. Mainly her oldest though. Ha Ha wild woman she is!!