Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Much Happening Here

Had a very quiet weekend and nothing much has happened which is a good thing as we are getting ready for a  very busy week.  Starting tonight Tess has several dance rehearsals and her concerts are next Tuesday and Wednesday nights, really looking forward to the concerts they are always good. Then no dancing until the last two weeks of the holidays.  She finishes school this week and Lucy has a couple more weeks to go.

Found a few goodies last weekend as did Lucy. She made me laugh when we got home I put my stuff out to take a photo she added hers and after I finished taking the photo and went inside I noticed that she had rearranged her stuff on it’s own and took a photo lol. Next thing I know she will have  a blog lol

My favourite find of the day was the wrought iron planter stand , love it and I almost didn't go to that house.




I think I will paint the cane basket stand not sure if I will paint the other planter stand might leave it black

Mine and Lucy’s goodies


Lucy scored a magazine holder, cheetah cosmetic bag, Gucci bag , ice block thingy’s and a puzzle.

It’s been a really good mail week this week, lots of goodies have arrived.


Sorry about the quality of the photos I was in a rush.  I have been dying to get my hands on this book from the moment I saw it advertised I could never find it. 


My goodness they are both beautiful books I cant wait to make some of the things out of them.

I also ordered   Pip Prosser's  from  Cut & Paste Christmas Kit to make a Daily December journal based on Ali Edwards Daily December journal 2008 you can view her 2009 version  here.  I'm really looking forward to putting this together.


Yesterday I got my order from Kikki-K Stationery  I love their stuff it’s gorgeous. I came in such a huge box


For years I only use calendars with a column for each member of the family I find it so much easier that way.  Why I got another 365 diary I will never know I haven't finished this years and I have two months where I didn't take any photo’s at all.  I found that once I added photos etc that it was way to bulky so I'm going to take a different approach.  I think I will only add a couple of photo’s a week instead of everyday and way less embellishments.

We got our hair done on Friday so I will leave you with a photo of Tess who has gone very blonde again.


Have a great week.  Bye for now


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