Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We always said to Tess you would be mad to wag school as all her friends live on the other side of town and Dad always drives through town several times a day.

So yesterday Tony is driving through town and spots a group of school kids, he always checks it out in case Tess is with them.  First he spotted Tess’ best friend Maddy, then he spotted Tess’ hair lol.  Meanwhile she saw him and her friend was trying to shield her.  So Tony does what any good father would do he pulled the truck over and yelled out for her to get over here.  Wished I had seen the look on her face.  She told Tony that it was okay that I said she could go down town at lunch time.  Tony goes on his merry way.

Tess phones me saying Hi Mum I just saw dad, Now I wasn't happy  that she was in town and the fact that she needs a note and I did not say it was okay.  Does she not think Tony and I talk to each other.  So I phoned him and as I was talking to him I glanced at the clock on the computer and realised that it wasn't even lunch time yet.  So I phone her back demanding to know how long she had been away from school and that she was to get herself back to school and that Dad would be waiting in the truck at the front gate at the school .  The truck causes her no end of embarrassment   so she was mortified and begged Tony not to wait  for her and not to ring the school.  Tony said he would leave providing she went straight back to school.

I decided to have the last say in things and phoned the school telling them she was wagging and that she was going to sneak back in at lunchtime.  I have no idea if they caught her and she hasn't said anything rofl.  For her efforts she is going to have a very boring weekend because apart from dancing she isn't leaving the house. 

If  you are going to do something then do it properly lol or at least don't get caught.

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