Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Weekend Gone

They are just flying by .  Didn't go to any garage sales this weekend I needed a sleep in and apparently I missed a good one.  Oh well it wasn't meant to be this weekend.

I did have a very relaxing weekend and got a heap of craft stuff sorted out.  It was a job I had been putting off for ages and a job that needed to be done.  Still have heaps more to do but I'm glad I made a start on it.

Had a house full of kids again this weekend they arrive Friday after school and end up staying all weekend.  I think I will have to start charging some of them rent lol.  Its nice that they want to stay here I guess, at least I know what they are up to.

Saturday they asked if I would take some photo’s of them, of course I'm not going to say no am I lol.


Madddy and Tess


Maddy, Tess and Bryce








It was hot enough for the kids to go swimming .



Lucy, Maddy and Cassidy


Too cold for Tess.

That night we had a get together with our neighbours.  We haven't done this since Christmas last year.  They are a great bunch of people and we always have a really good night.  I didn't take any photo’s except this one.


This is the very well behaved Brian and he loves to cuddle lol.

Although we let Tess have friends over on the weekend, only because they had a stack of assignments for school to work on as punishment for skipping school she wasn't allowed to leave the house and she had to mow the lawn.  She was really cranky on Sunday from lack of sleep and she had already stormed off when she saw me taking photo’s of her.  That’s why these aren't the best lol.




Be a bit enthusiastic Tess rofl. Note the phone in her hand. She actually did a good job we told her that she could do it every weekend.  As you can imagine that went down well lol.  Tony and I thought it was funny.

Bye for now



Tess said...

is that a new boyfriend??
and LOL at mowing the lawn with phone and THONGS??? lol

Jackie said...

Yes that's the new boyfriend, he's a nice kid. I told her to put on proper shoes but would she listen? Of course not.lol