Tuesday, November 17, 2009




It just occured to me that my blog has just turned one year old as I started it not long before Tess’ birthday last year.

I hope you had a great day Tess .  Tess, Hayley,Tina,me and the babies went to the Woombye Hotel for lunch today it was very nice.  Thankfully the pub was air conditioned and it worked really well as it was about 38 degrees outside.  Welcome to summer, yuk.  Went for my first swim yesterday and then today when I got home.  The water was freezing but refreshing.


Nanna Arent they cute. 

Still havent been to any garage sales, last weekend I had to have Tess (daughter not friend Tess lol) at Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane by 8.30 we left home at 6.30 after a late night.  Tess had to walk around the shopping centre dressed as a present with another girl who was dressed as a snowman lol.  She worked for three hours starting at 10am and got paid $90.  While she may have earn’t money I spent money.  At least I started my christmas shopping and went to the movies.  Lucy, Bryce and I went and saw 2012.   The last adult movie I saw was Speed and the last movie I saw was either the first Rugrats movie or the Wild Thornberry’s so it’s been a while.  I did enjoy the movie but it was too long  and there was some gaping holes in the storyline which really annoyed me and still is annoying me rofl.  We eventually got home about 3.30 lets hope next job she gets is in Maroochydore.  I think she enjoyed it except when a guy who she thought was about 16 kicked her in the bottom and shoved the snowman over and they both fell flat on their faces.   It was a very heavy costume and she found it very difficult to walk in lol.

I finally got some scrapping done this weekend I will share next time as I have a huge basket of ironing to do so  I had better go and do that

Bye for now


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