Monday, April 26, 2010

A Week In My Life

I decided to take part in Ali Edwards  A week in life.  I started last Tuesday.  Here’s a few images from Tuesday.



Got up at 4.20 am, Left for work at 5.10am, arrived to work at 5.20am.  Busy day at the bakery  usual jobs such as making salad rolls, sorting out orders and slicing the loaves of bread.  Worked with Katie and Lana today.  Had a chat to the butchers from next door while I was having a break. 

Got home from work at 9.30am, greeted by Fred he was happy to see me. Drove Tess to Montville she had work at 11am. Caught up on some washing (I don't  have a clothes line so what doesn't go into the dryer has to go on the clothes horse on the verandah .

Had a heap of book work to catch up on so did that for the rest of the day, entered sales dockets and prepared some statements and paid some bills.  Picked Tess up at 3.45pm waited for the school bus in Mapleton and picked Lucy up

In the news  an 5.0 earthquake hit Kalgoorlie.  An inmate was charged for the murder of Carl Williams.  The weather today was overcast for most of the day with some sunny periods.  Temps 15 - 26

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Tina said...

What a fabulous idea and a terrific post!! Love your collage Jackie, your Tuesday sounds so busy when you put it all down on paper (you know what I mean)! Wishing you a wonderful week ~ Tina x