Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 3 Thursday



I love Thursdays as it’s my day off.  Unfortunately I still wake up early.  Up at 5.30 had a cuppa and got on the computer for a while.  Woke Lucy up at 6am.  As Thursday is the only school morning I'm home  I drive  Lucy to bus stop at 7am  but before she leaves we go to the local coffee shop, The Daily Grind.  She always gets a hot chocolate and I get a mocha.

Back home I do a couple of loads of washing then make up scrapping packs for my weekend away.  I also spend time preparing photo’s that I want to get printed.  Wake Tess up at 9 she needs to catch the bus into Nambour to catch the connecting bus to Sunshine Plaza , she is going shopping for the day.

Dinner in the crockpot, hoping to stretch it to two meals and start making chicken stock for the soup that I'm going to make later in the day.  Spend the rest of the day making up packs.

Tess is home and at 5pm we have to pick Lucy up from school.  Thursday afternoons she stays back to look after the miniature ponies at the ag farm.  This is the time when they exercise, groom and sometimes wash them.  We head to the shopping centre so I can get some photo’s printed and buy some food for Tony and the girls while I'm away.

We get home at about 7.30 we have some dinner then I pack some clothes and spend some time on the computer before going to bed at 11pm.

The weather today was overcast, showering in the morning but the sun was trying to come out for the rest of the day.

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