Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 7 Monday

Last day of a week in my life and unfortunately our last day away.



I woke up at 6.30 and was determined to do one more layout before we left.  It was quite chilly this morning Chris and Tess got up about 9.  We scrapped for a couple of hours then packed up our gear.    Chris modelled a costume that she was going to wear to work for a back into the olden days, sorry I cant remember what she called it but you get the idea.  She was hilarious as she did different poses for us.  Mr Burleigh arrived home from his weekend away, we kicked him out of his house all weekend and we left shortly afterwards.  It was a quick trip home compared to the one there and we only stopped once to get something to eat.  I arrived home to an empty house which was rather nice.  We had a fantastic couple of days but it was all over too quickly.

I have really enjoyed this project.  I don't think I took nearly enough photo’s especially of the girls, Tony and myself.  The girls are so over the camera now it’s really hard to take their photo’s .  Lets hope I can get this into an album in the next couple of weeks.

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