Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Times

After a very relaxing five days off over Easter we are back into the swing of things.  We have our first dance eisteddfod this weekend in Bundaberg,  I'm extremely thankful that Tess isn't doing any solo’s this year.  All of her group dances are held on Sunday starting at 8.30 going well into the evening .  I am really looking forward to it as this is the first eisteddfod  Tess has performed in at her new dance school.

I've had a cold this week so the first few days were a right off Tess had to work every day except Thursday. Yesterday Tess had to get a spray  tan I really don't think she needed it but all the girls had to get one. We needed to get sequins, makeup and a few other bits and pieces .  Naughty us still had two costumes to organise, we had picked one costume but weren't happy with it.  We found a dress at Salvo’s for $6.50 and this is what we did with it.


This costume is for Thriller and she is a corpse so we had to grunge up the dress.  We thought we had finished it but it needs to look dirtier.


 I got the black paint out and added more then we added black tulle ,  it looks much better now.

Tess is really enjoying work or I should say she is really enjoying the money she’s making.  She works here.




We called in for a coffee this afternoon and she made Lucy an iced chocolate. I must say the mocha she made me was delicious.



Just want to share a few random photo’s from the last few weeks.

Lucy and Fred

Lucy has been out to our friends dog kennels again over the holidays.  She now has a few miniature ponies to help look after too.


I'm starting to feel old we have known Christy since she was 5 years old, she turned 18 in December and just got her P’s.  She loves her new car.




Bye for now


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Tina said...

Hi Jackie, sorry I am so late with my commenting on your post, I thought I had and then when I re-checked I hadn't:( Hope the eisteddford went well for your Jess, I love what you did with the dress!! Gosh I remember doing my own dance eisteddfords all those years ago...Hope that you have a wonderful week ~ Tina x