Tuesday, April 13, 2010

These Kids Can Dance.

What a weekend.  We travelled to Bundaberg early Saturday morning and after a tour through various cane fields, dirt roads and into someone's farm we arrived at about 11.30.   I learnt two things that morning, don't go to sleep unless you are confident the driver knows where HE is going and 2. never totally rely on a GPS, they aren't always correct.  We were starving when we arrived so we found Sizzlers for a nice lunch then dropped Tess off for two hours of rehearsals.

It was so hot and humid in Bundy you wouldn't have believed it was Autumn.  After checking into our motel we drove around for a while  and headed for the beach.  Not to swim I didn't even think to pack swimmers but in hope there was a nice sea breeze.






After we picked Tess up we went back to our motel which thankfully had air conditioning and had a bit of a rest before dinner.  Tess went out with some friends to watch the girls from SCPAC dance.

We were up early the next day as we had to be to the  Moncrieffe Theatre  by 8am for an 8.30 start.  We were to spend the next 12 hours here, lucky for us, unlike Caloundra Civic Centre the seats were really comfortable.



In the morning sessions SCPAC had two teams entered in every section.  The girls and boys were amazing they won first place  in everything, then second or third.  This was the first eisteddfod we had attended since Tess started at Scpac and we were blown away.  The quality of their routines, the beautiful costumes and the talent were spectacular.  It was the most enjoyable eisteddfod that I have attended

When we had a lunch break Tony, Lucy and I went for a walk down the main street.  Bundy is an old town and still has some gorgeous old buildings not to mention the wide tree lined streets.

These photo’s were taken only over two blocks.


The Post Office.


The School of Arts building.









After lunch we had  a long long wait to see Tess perform again as she was in the very last section which didn't start until about 7pm.  Once again Scpac got first in all but one section that they entered.    Finally the last section Cabaret and Novelty section  Tess was in both the teams entered,  they performed The Gun from Chicago which I have never liked and still don't and Thriller.  This year Thriller got first and The Gun got second. I think it was the other way around last year lol.

I didn't take these photo’s a friend of Tess’ did.  Here are some of the kids dressed in their Thriller costumes.






SCPAC also took out the Best studio award.  The next eisteddfod is in about 4 weeks and I am really looking forward to seeing it.

Before I finish I thought I would add a few “Tessisms”  she always comes out with some hilarious things.  The first thing she said as we were driving around Bundaberg and happened to drive past the Bundaberg Rum Distillery (which I'm sure I helped their profit margins when I was younger lol) was “ I didn't know they made Bundaberg Rum in Bundaberg”

But the funniest was when the GPs was taking us on a tour of the cane fields, she was texting someone and piped up “ Mum how do you spell GPS”  Tony and I looked at each other and burst into laughter, then the penny dropped for her, it’s a good thing she can laugh at herself.

Bye for now


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