Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 4 Friday

Day 4

The weekend couldn't come quick enough as I was heading off for a scrapping weekend with friends.

Up at 4.30, leave for work at 5am.  Fairly busy morning which went quickly I finished at 9.45.

Tess picked me up at 11.30 after a detour back to her house and to the petrol depot we headed off to Imbil to check out a unique scrapping shop, unfortunately it was no longer there but we had a browse through a secondhand store.    They had some nice things but I couldn't really concentrate as the owner kept talking  so in the end gave up.  We then went to the  cafe for lunch, it was really nice.  Tess had the Thai beef salad and I had quiche and salad.

We arrived in Gympie about 2.30 and stopped at a lovely park to take some pictures.  Then we ventured into the CBD  lots of nice old buildings to look at.  We found an antique shop called Daze gone by oh my goodness the stuff they had in there was gorgeous  I don't think the owner was real happy about taking photo’s in the store.  We spotted a church up on a hill and knew we had to go and have a look  unfortunately it was part of a catholic school and their were school children everywhere.  We didn't think it would be a great idea to sit outside the school taking photos. 

We arrived in Maryborough about 4pm and found our way to a park on the river.  Our friend Chris whose place we were staying at had to have a procedure done at hospital that afternoon and wouldn't be home until late so we were happy to roam around Maryborough taking in the sites.  That town has an amazing  history we spent a few hours and only walked around one block.

day 4b

With the light nearly gone we decided to have dinner at the Post Office Hotel.  We arrived at Chris’ about 7.30 unloaded the car and started to scrap.  Not sure what time we got to bed but it was late.


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