Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 2 Wednesday


Day 2

Up at 4.30am off to work , got home at 9.25am.  Still raining with heavy showers throughout the day.  We don't get mail delivery in Mapleton we have to go to the post office to collect our mail.  Tony received a very heavy trophy in the mail.  He is the AUSTRALIAN Prolite  Tri-series Champion .

Updated my blog, played a game for a while.  Cleaned the house, planned my menus for the remainder of the week.  4pm picked Tess up from bus depot in Nambour.  Left home at 5.5opm to take Tess to ballet lessons in Caloundra it’s a 40minute drive.  She has a two hour lesson so I stay in Caloundra  I dropped off some library books, grabbed a few groceries from Woolies and sat in the car and read a book.  Arrived home at 9.15pm.  Finished my book then watched some TV, bed about 1.30am.

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